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Directv And Dish Network Dealers

Getting a suitable deal on satellite TV service can be challenging.

There are just 2 satellite television service providers in the United States, i.e., DISH Network and DirecTV, however each one of these has quite a few independent dealers who provide different deals satellite service and system.

Hence, how do you determine which satellite television service provider will offer you the best satellite television deal?

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Deal by the DISH Network

Program pack: DISH Network provides 4 program packages. Prices begin at $31.99 on a monthly basis for America's Top Sixty channel pack that has sixty channels & rises up to $86.99 each month for "Everything" Pak that includes 230 channels.

Equipment: General equipment -- the receiver, Dish & set up is totally free. Other options like digital video recording & high definition TV receivers could be free or may cost an additional amount, depending upon the selected dealer.

Quality of Broadcast: All the channels offered by DISH Network are broadcasted in digital format & provide the most High-Definition channels among the 2 satellite TV companies.

Consumer Satisfaction Rate: DISH Network is presently ranked No. 1 in terms of consumer satisfaction rate by J.D. Power & Associates.

The best deal we've found on the DISH Network is provided by AllSat who're among the top dealers of the DISH Network ever since the year 1996. Also, they offer excellent customer service.

AllSat offers you a satellite television dish, 4 receivers completely for free. The setup is also free of cost.

Besides, you are offered free digital video recording receiver that can be used to record your favorite TV shows & up to 2 free HDTV receivers that lets you watch your shows in HD.



Program packs: DIRECTV provides 3 program packs. Prices begin at $41.99 each month for Total Choice pack that includes 135 channels, & rise up to $86.99 each month for Total-Choice-Premier Pack that includes 185 TV channels.

Equipment: General equipment -- the receivers, dish & set up is free. Other choices like DVR & HDTV receivers might be free or include an extra cost, depending upon your selected dealer.

Quality of Broadcast: All the channels are broadcasted in digital quality. Also, you're offered several channels in HD TV format.

Consumer Satisfaction: They're is presently ranked No. 2 in terms of consumer satisfaction by J.D. Power & Associates.

Best Deal: iSatellite: They're presently providing a free satellite television dish, up-to 4 receivers & set up (both free).

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Which Do You Think Is The Best Gaming Laptop Under 500 Dollars?

Buying a laptop is one thing, as you can pick them up for under 200 bucks, but buying the best gaming laptop hikes that price up a bit. That doesn't mean you have to pay over a grand to buy a gaming laptop though. There are plenty of gaming laptops you can purchase for cheaper than that. What is the best gaming laptop under 500 dollars?

As you can imagine, this can change from month to month, never mind the year to year changes to the marketplace regarding laptops. One brand that always seems to top the list, however, is Acer. This computer brand is known for turning out laptops with great specs for gaming, but without the high price tags that come with some of the other computers. They sure do also have some expensive computers to choose from though too.

HP is another brand that puts out great computers at cheaper prices. The Acer model that is under 500 bucks right now is the Aspire V3-551-8469. The HP model that is under 500 bucks and is recommended for gaming is the HP Pavilion G7-2240us. Remember that you'll find plenty of laptops under 500 bucks, but you're not going to find out that many of them are the best computers for gaming.

You need a gaming laptop, and it really matters what you pick. That is why you'll often hear about people buying laptops and other electronic devices based upon what they use them for. Unfortunately, gaming takes some great hardware, so that 150 dollar netbook isn't going to cut the mustard.

Asus is another brand that puts out a good gaming laptop, and the last brand to look out for is Lenovo. To round out the top five in order to find the best gaming laptop under 500 bucks, you're going to see that HP appears on the list a second time. The HP Envy dv-72010us is the model that is 5th on the list.

Don't think that each of these laptops cost you 500 bucks either. The Asus I mentioned was right around 400 dollars. The Lenovo model that ranks as a great gaming laptop is the IdeaPad. There are other laptops out there that can be great gaming laptops, but these have been hand picked for you by the gamers. It might do you good to take heed of their advice and pick up one of these deals.

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