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Mobile Internet Connectivity

Rural areas and very remote locations have very little options for internet connectivity. The lack of necessary

infrastructures to deliver reliable and fast internet makes internet connectivity in such areas difficult.

Establishing these telecommunication infrastructures is not a profitable investment because of the very low

population density. The available option for getting rural communities online is through the use of the

services of satellite internet service providers. Naturally, the speed provided by such setup is not as fast as

a DSL high speed internet provider. This is due to the fact that the data transmitted, both incoming and

outgoing, has to be sent to space to the corresponding satellite that provides the service. Nonetheless, this

is the best and sometimes the only option available for remote areas. And although the speed is not as fast, it

is definitely fast enough to provide a fully functional internet connection. Subscribers can use VoIP (Voice

Over IP) that could be just as efficient as regular phone service, establish VPN (Virtual Private Network) just

as easily as they would with a DSL line.

Addressing the internet connectivity issue of rural areas is just one of the many conveniences provided by
href="">satellite broadband internet providers
. There are a lot of other scenarios

that users prefer to sign up for satellite internet than regular DSL. One of these is if the user travels a

lot. Whether it's domestic or international travel, the reach of regular internet connection is not going to be

available anywhere. Journalists and scientists for example, have to go to places that are in the fringes of

civilization. Rarely will facilities that provide internet connectivity outside of satellite connections be

found in the middle of a savannah, a dense forest or even in the icy landscapes of Siberia or Antarctica.

Travelers have to keep their line open so that friends and colleagues can be updated with their general

location, status and whereabouts.

Judging from different reviews that are posted online, two satellite internet providers are usually seen at the

top of the lists of ranking. One review after the other will usually indicate that both Hughesnet and Exede are

the go-to providers for overall great service. Hughesnet, though previously notorious for their notable gap

between their download and upload speeds (upload being significantly lower), have improved their services and

is now rarely getting any complaints about the former shortcoming. The reason is that they have recently

upgraded to their latest generation named Gen4. The speed can sometimes match low-end DSL subscriptions with a

download speed that can reach up to 10Mbps. They have numerous options for their packages with the most

relevant one being their 'mobile satellite internet' option. There is also another convenient feature that

allows customers to extend their data limit in reasonable increments.

Exede is another satellite internet service provider that delivers reliable mobile internet connectivity. The

aggregate of several reviews found over the internet indicates that Exede is the only provider that literally

exceeds their advertised download and upload speeds. Their packages differ only in data limit, duration of

subscription, to name a few--- but never their internet speed. The 12Mbps download and 3Mbps upload are

implemented across the offered subscriptions. And since it is aforementioned that they exceed their advertised

speeds, here is a comparison of what their reported actual speeds are: 17Mbps and 4.8Mbps. I'm sure no

subscriber would complain about that advertising misinformation.
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